Ejaculation Control
 Ejaculation Control is Possible, Ejaculation Control Techniques are Various an Include Viagra

How to Control Ejaculation

Ejaculation control can help tremendously in increasing the pleasures of the sexual experience. Gaining control of your ejaculatory reflexes is a dream for most men. It is a known fact that almost all men worry that they were unable to satisfy their partner due to having ejaculated too early. While some fears maybe completely baseless, others may actually be true. There can be many reasons as to why a person is unable to control his ejaculatory reflex and understanding these causes will help treat the problem too. Doctors believe that in many cases, it is a result of early conditioning where one has trained the penis to ejaculate as soon as possible by adopting the masturbations technique. Others believe that some times poor heath conditions may also lead to the problem. Those who suffer from stress, consume too much alcohol and are addicted to other drugs are also at a risk here. Indeed the causes seem several. However, the good news is that the problem can be controlled and even cured. On an average, a man is said to take about 3 minutes from the time of entry to the time of ejaculation; however, even men who can control for much longer may feel that they ejaculate too soon.

The question therefore is how to control ejaculation? The cures in this case range from completely therapeutic ones to medical prescriptions to even contraptions that help in achieving the task. Indeed choosing a cure will depend solely on the personal preferences of the man, since what may work for one may be completely wasted on another.

When looking at how to control premature ejaculation, it is advisable to look at therapy. Mostly the cause of the problem lies in the mind and it is a known fact that over 80% men have been able to rid themselves of this problem by simply learning to be comfortable with their bodies via therapy.

Ejaculation control techniques involve using the ’start and stop’ strategy where the man brings himself to a stage where he is about to ejaculate and then stops in order to regain control of the ejaculatory muscles. Deep breathing in a rhythmic fashion is also said to work for many men.

Medications such as Viagra are known to help too. Though essentially the pills are for solving an erectile dysfunction, they do help in premature ejaculation control too by increasing the time between entry and ejaculation. A few desensitizing creams also help in cases where on has an over sensitive penis since the help bring the sensation down.

Remember that keeping a healthy body and shedding your inhibitions helps tremendously in enjoying the pleasures of sex. Lots of men worry uselessly about the thickness of their penis and other such issues. Ejaculation control is no doubt important but one doesn’t need to over worry about it since there are several ways by which the problem can be controlled.

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